Research Interests

  • Low energy atom diffraction (in collaboration with Prof. Gianangelo Bracco), X-ray Diffraction, X-ray photoelectron diffraction, scanning probe microscopy and quartz crystal microbalance studies of self assembled monolayers (SAMs) and organic semiconductor thin films.
  • Carboranethiol Self Assembeled Monolayers (in collaboration with Prof. Ayşen Yılmaz and Prof. Tomas Base)
  • Computational studies of the above mentioned systems by means of quantum chemistry methods (in collaboration with Prof. Ersen Mete).
  • Supersonic molecular beam deposition of organic semiconductors for fabrication of organic electronic devices.
  • Cavity ring-down spectroscopy and fiber optics based trace chemical sensors (in collaboration with Prof. Okan Esentürk).
  • Development of methods and tools for intoducing mathematical and quantum chemical concepts to undergraduate students.


  • Primary investigator, Characterization and optimization of pentacene thin films, grown by supersonic molecular beam deposition on Ag(111) and Au(111) surfaces, by helium atom diffraction and quartz crystal microbalance techniques, TÜBİTAK-1001, Project number:107T408, 2007-2010.
  • Primary investigator, Study of asymmetric disulfide self assembled monolayers as possible bottom-up templating agents, TÜBİTAK-CNR-2504, Project number: 209T084, 2010-2012 (Co-investigator: Prof. Gianangelo Bracco).
  • Primary Investigator, Development of a Fiber Loop Cavity Ringdown Spectroscopy System for Trace Detection, TÜBİTAK-2515 (COST-TD 1105), Project number: 212T079, 2013-2016 (Co-investigator: Prof. Okan Esentürk).
  • Primary Investigator, Investigation of perfluoropentacene films on flat and vicinal Ag(111) and Au(111) surfaces, TÜBİTAK-1001 (COST-TN 1301), Project number: 113F022, 2013-2017 (Co-investigator: Prof. Gianangelo Bracco).
  • Co-investigator, Luminescence Properties of Various Metal Ion Doped Borate Compounds and Investigation of Carboranethiol Films on Metal Surfaces, TÜBİTAK-1003, Project number:213M182, 2014-2016 (Primary investigator: Prof. Ayşen Yılmaz, Co-investigator: Prof. Ersen Mete).