Graduate student and post doctoral researcher positions: We have available M.S./Ph.D. student and post doctoral researcher positions to work on the following projects:

  • Fiber-loop ring down spectroscopy for trace detection
  • Study of thiol self assembled monolayers as possible bottom-up templating agents
  • Organic semi-conductor film growth and electronic device applications
  • Density Functional Theory studies of adsorption properties of organic thin films on metal surfaces.

ÖYP projects: In addition to the above mentioned projects, the following projects are available for ÖYP students:

  • AFM studies of structural and electrical properties of rotaxane thin films.
  • AFM patterning of thiol SAMs for electronic device applications and as templating agents.
  • Any research ideas of your own that are along the lines of my research interests.

4th year projects:

  • Molecular mechanics study of organic thin films.
  • Preparing a demonstration of applications of Fourier transforms in spectroscopy by using Mathcad software to be employed in Mathematics for Chemists course.
  • Preparing a demonstartion of Hartree-Fock Self Consistent Field method on simple systems (like H2) by using Mathcad software to be employed in Quantum Chemistry course.
  • Writing a computer code for data logging (by using package programs like Labview) and monitoring via internet.

For more information and details about the projects mentioned above please contact me. For more information about Helium Atom Diffraction you can check the following review article: “Atomic beam diffraction from solid surfaces” by Daniel Farias and Karl-Heinz Rieder, Rep. Prog. Phys. 61 (1998) 1575–1664.